Full Biography

Like a fox he came out of the wood to growl. He knew where’s the way to the lights and the mellow dancing elves. Drooling and walking down through trees of waving limbs, there was a wizard on a log, conducting these cute sounds. With bass. And drums. And Snares. And me.


2013, Kreuzberg. Berlin. Too many years and too many nights of tripping on the floors all over the world. It’s what he likes. The club, the sweat, the feeling. And the sun! And this connection between him and IT. It’s in the heart, it’s by the soul, it’s life. The music and the culture makes it worthful and fills it out. In and out. He remembers the first tape recordings from his brother in the mid-90s from some visited raves in Switzerland and south Germany. Oh yes, gooood time! Speedgarage, Chicago House and Progressive House. The sound which made his curls get twisted.

Up to now, 13 years of managing uncountable events and playing alongside the who-is-who of the electronic music scene. From the collective ‘Phobia’ in his hometown to the residency in the renowned club Exodus Parkhaus Kenzingen (R.I.P) and the events like Big Bang and playing all clubs in south-west Germany, north-east Switzerland and east France. As he never got enough, he had been founder of the agency Beeson Booking (R.I.P) and writer over years for nightlife- and music magazines, then first releases and remixes on Heatflow Rec. and Neverending Rec.! Overdose – slightly too much. Take a breath and smell the metro air of techno capital Berlin.

2009. There was something missing. Filling spaces and faces with joy. So he was spinnin’ again. And spinnin’, and spinnin’. Golden Gate here, Morlox there, on other planets like K-Pax and dark’n dirty basements – but he did find out again. Luckily, because Spreekader and Peter Berg waited already, huh! Renate got wild, and Peter told him to take better a FOREPLAY”. Each Thursday? Yes, each Thursday! Why not?! In +4Bar at Tresor Club Berlin is their home, on and on. Cosy one, with fat-bumble soundsystem! If you only know berghain’s booster, shame on you! Crackin’ the Bellmer? Bee, Crack & Love! The monthly ass-shaker! After 2 years of getting many international acts to the weekly Thursday party, the change was perfect to go one step back to the roots and do the building-up of a scene based on familiar feelings with friends, innovative music and great acts, who keeps it real. Since October 2013, the weekday is the same, but still madness, as usual in Crack Bellmer. And as it doesn’t matter which weekday it is in Berlin, he runs with Coco (Betribsfeier) & SiD (Katerholzig) the new Wednesdays called Hummmpday in Arena Club with qualitative line-ups. Even some different activities in sub cultural life and music scene turned him f*ckin’ beesy, but don’t worry, he loves what he does. And he loves what he plays. Above all, electronic music widely. From Chicago to Disco, and from Deep to Tech, housy and minimalistic, but keeping it cool, kickin’ and flowing. And moreover: never forget the groove! He will watch at you while you are pirouetting on the wooden floor and move and smile. Some call his behavior behind the decks “performance”, or maybe total work of art, whatever it should mean. Fo’ shizzle!


Back in the future! Nowadays he is creating his own little world of electronic music in the pulse of 4/4-beats based on 13 years active operating in this scene, and finding ways to define his specific style of music, which is represented with joy. Besides playing regularly in many Berlin clubs, he finished his first Japan Tour in 2013 (e.g. Womb Tokyo), as well he stopped in Koh Phangan and Bangkok for showing his skills. Also renowned European clubs already wanted him to shout some outs. London, Moscow, Vienna, Stockholm, Warschau, Ibiza, Naples, Zürich and Paris won’t be the last destinations.


In November 2013 he released the long awaited “Gamma Ray Burst EP” on the vinyl-label Luos Recordings from Cur.l – analogue dope! This timeless piece is played by many well-known artists and bigly supported. Followed to this is an epic remix on the Swiss vinyl-only label Questo?! Music, which is already roadtested and ready to rumble the floors. There are good reasons to watch out for upcoming releases, which are already in the pipeline, and let’s see what’s going to happen in the near future.


As a scientific writer he released in January 2014 a book (in German) about the value of releasing vinyl records in a digital era, and about how to act successfully in today’s electronic music market from the view of a label.


With Peace and Love from Bee.